Imposter Syndrome at EWIT Conference – #ihavenoideawhatimdoing


November 2018 saw an extremely exciting opportunity for me. I finally got the chance to speak at my first big, international conference, the European Women in Technology Conference. The topic was Imposter Syndrome and feeling like you’re “winging it”, the irony was I was sitting there asking myself how on earth I wound up on an international stage airing my own personal insecurities.

Public speaking is something I’ve always had an interest in, and this topic in particularly resonates with me. As an Agile coach, my main focus is supporting people to become the most effective, productive and — most importantly — happy version of themselves at work they can be. I’ve been coaching and mentoring people unofficially for years. The nexus of sharing my experiences and helping others overcome their own fears was obviously going to be a natural move for me, and I enjoyed the experience greatly.

For those looking to see me in action, see the video below;


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